Director's Profile

Dr. Purnima Kulkarni

Assistant Professor of English at UG and PG level, English Language Trainer as well as a Soft Skills Trainer has more than 15 years of teaching experience in the field. She is a Gold Medallist in English from RTM, Nagpur University and was awarded an “O” Grade (Outstanding Grade) for her erudite M.Phil. thesis. She has had the privilege of working in esteemed Institutions all over Pune like Fergusson College of Arts, S.P. College, Garware College of Arts, International Centre, University of Pune, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Nowrosjee Wadia College, Abeda Inamdar College and St. Mira’s College for Girls, Pune. She is often invited as a judge for vocal competitions.....Read More

Institute Profile

Development of the Institution and deployment of action plans for effective implementation of the curriculum

The Institute adheres to the curriculum designed by the Director: Dr. Purnima Trivedi Kulkarni. The Institute works on revision, revamping and restructuring of the syllabus every two years. The Institution follows a well-designed and well- planned Academic Calendar for effective implementation of the curriculum. Time table of activities such as lectures, practical sessions, field visits, co-curricular activities and examination schedule are designed in such a manner that the students are enthused and invigorated to participate in maximum number of activities for the overall development of their personalities.....Read More

Why Choose Us?

Student Friendly Teaching

A student-friendly teaching module is prepared and it is taught in an interactive manner.

Research oriented assignment

Research-oriented assignments that encourage self-study are encouraged and they are followed by presentations and discussions.

Field Work

Field work experiences are shared in the class where individual understandings are collected and reflected upon.


In pedagogical practices in the classroom, the students are motivated to read voraciously, prepare their own notes and invest personal effort for material analysis.

Discussion, Quiz competitions

Discussions, Debates and Quiz competitions are carried out to make the learning student-centric.

Scope for Enhancement

Students are encouraged to participate in various programmes which entail self grooming and self improvement.

Courses Offered

English For SSC/ CBSE/

English for IELTS/
TOEFL/GRE and other
competitive exams

Phonics Classes

Basic English

Intermediate English

Advanced English

Workshops For Engineering Students, Management
Students & Working Professionals

Pankaj Mane

I am a civil engineering graduate from Satara. I studied through Marathi medium upto 10th class. Though it was a struggle to learn through English medium in Diploma and Bachelors, I managed to pass with a good score owing to my confidence and ability. After completing the Bachelors , I realised that speaking in English is much needed to get a professional job in MNC companies in India or Abroad. So I decided to join English speaking course as I was unable to speak fluently and confidently in English. My cousin suggested me to join Discourses. I joined this course on the 1st of April 2019 under the guidance of senior faculty Ms. Rani Trivedi. I started my lessons, concepts of grammar became clear, I could grasp comprehension too. Madam helped us gain our confidence and faith in ourselves. Some concepts which were difficult for me to understand, ma'am taught us in easy language. I used to practice daily what madam taught us in class. Today, I am much confident and enthusiastic while learning and speaking. I've enriched my vocabulary with the help of Rani madam. I am using this skill for daily life interactions. However I am eager to gain fluency in speaking. Eventually I would say that the decision of joining Discourses was great!

Khyati Khoda

It is indeed a pleasure and blessing to be Purnima Ma’am’s student. She made learning Literature extremely easy and enjoyable for me. She made the most boring story super interesting and also made the characters come alive. Her vocabulary is stupendo fantabulously fantastic. She is a live thesaurus. She has inspired me to take up English as my Masters and thereby follow her path. I’m so proud to have been her student!

Vishal Kate

(Former Student, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology)
It’s been a great pleasure to be Dr. Purnima Ma’am’s student in 2003 -05 batch in S.P. College. Today I am a Manager in India’s topmost company, Reliance and the credit goes to Ma’am as she helped me improve my communication skills. I also developed leadership qualities under Ma’am’s able guidance. Teachers like her are very rare. She always tried her best to go beyond the text and work on the overall development of her students.

Jaydev Deshpande

(Former Student St. Mira’s College for Girls and Teaching Facilitator at Symbiosis International School)
Dr. Kulkarni has a very enlightened and educative approach to soft skills. Her classes rarely consisted of pedagogical instructions on how to build a resume or how to answer questions. Instead, they were almost exclusively full of live discussions and debates on provocative and very interesting subjects. She spoke of literature and poetry, instilling a love for them in her students, while at the same time keeping things quite relevant to the high demands of the job placement processes. Thus, the training she imparted always came as a consequence of these discussions. I find this to be an unorthodox but very effective technique of learning. As a person, she is very patient and has a way with students that allows her to strike a chord with each and every one of them - even in a classroom of sixty students. Her energy is contagious, she can barely contain her own excitement as she teaches. To find a teacher who has such a tremendous love for her subject is extremely rare and very encouraging.

Ali Fadhl

(Former Student, S.P. College, Pune)
I was thinking about the time I was in Pune and attending Purnima Ma’am’s English language classes and honestly she was the best teacher of mine I ever met and I confidently learnt to speak and write in English. I thank Purnima Ma’am for being an excellent educator. Teachers like her are not easy to find as she teaches from the heart. I appreciate her patience and her ability to make a dry subject like Grammar interesting and engaging.

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